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  1. What's the difference of NONE£¬IC1£¬IC2 of Assembleon ACM machine
    What is the differenceof NONE£¬IC1£¬IC2 in head configuration of Assembleon ACM machine IC1 mode,for n

  2. How to skip a mont head of Assembleon ACM machine
    Assembleon ACM System:OS/2Software Version:ACM 3.20bJust delete all production program,incluing the

  3. Yamaha YV100II has problem of board transfer on track
    The board was easily locked and cannot move when transfer inside this yv100ii machine Try to check:

  4. Assembleon AX501 drop rate is high,resistor is tilted
    When Assembleon AX501 pick and place 0201 capacitor and resistor with ttf/itf2 feeder,it's drop rate

  5. Juki FX-1R YA motor was locked
    FX-1 was running when this motor was broken, Most probably is that the permanent magnet inside this

  6. How a JUKI KE2050C pick and place component in tray
    Ifuse juki 2050c to pick and place component in packing of tray,need 1 enter intoMS parameter,enter

  7. Servo power failure occured when Assembleon FCM1 power on
    The Servo power failure occured when Assembleon FCM1 power on,but Servo power light is lit Please ch

  8. JUKI KE2050 always down
    The juki ke2050is easily down,sometimeshappens on machinepower-on,sometimes happen on return to orig

  9. How to config an odd-form nozzle on juki ke2020
    Not difficult,register the nozzle on juki ke2020,and thencheck the sizes of the nozzle and record th

  10. Assembleon AX201 HAND1 Position error Z
    Just check followings 1 thesettings of descend of Z axis in program is not right 2 mechanical malfun

  11. Whole offset of place postion occured on assembleon TOPAZ-XI
    TOPAZ-XI placed components on first borad very well,but the result turned worse for consequent board

  12. Juki FX-3 fail to check laser sensor(error code 650005,on RF area) when start
    Just checkand do followings the fx-3 1394 board fx-3CPU board, the

  13. Philips Assebleon AX3 TC computer power supply broken
    The original power supply is not made in original factory,if buy from Assembleon,the price is about

  14. The problem of missing chip when assembleon machine place chip
    The reason isincorrect air pressure when machine head blow chip off,please check 4 valves from top t

  15. Problem of CSV and MDF during PPS programming
    Q: the angle was 270 degree in csv file,but when import and generate mdf file,the angle turns to 180

  16. How to idle run an assembleon AX301 machine
    Just follow below 4 steps to idle run AX301 machines, 1 Stop and quittheprogram that is runing curre

  17. SMD reel top film cannot be rolled down on philips itf2 feeder
    Our itf2 feeder cannot roll the chip reel top film smoothly,many plastic films are accumulated below

  18. How to ensure Philips AX501/AX201 feeder in good work condition
    Philips AX itf2 feeder is broken or damaged easily under poor usage circumstances,follow belows to k

  19. Brief Introduction of Samsung Smart Feeder
    Smart feeder from 8mm to 56mm,8mm feeder adjustable pitch is 2 and 4mm,other feeder minimun adjust

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